Hey guys! How are you doing? It’s been awhile yah? I know I know.. Been occupied with work and getting my US VISA done. At the same time I’m into a new sport, Netball! In need of girls to play so I decided why not recreationally. Nevertheless I’m still running and keeping my training logs! I’ve yet to notate it though. Will do it real soon and let you guys know what’s up of late!

Till then stay fit and healthy!



Hey guys! How are you all doing? Weekends are here and I am feeling great at the moment! I hope you guys are too. I finished the minimum 8 sessions of runs! Woohoo! However I’m aiming to complete all 12 sessions before moving on to doing some fartleks gradually increasing my mileage.



Currently in Frankfurt and weather is awesome! Usually its gloomy but today is bright and sunny with fresh color of green! Unfortunately, todays session was at the gym. As much as I would prefer to run outside than the treadmill I wouldn’t want to risk breathing in the flying pollen. So treadmill it is and its the usual workouts. Back of my knee is recovering well, some pains once in awhile. Getting stronger with core workouts but still needs more focus on the running posture and breathing.

WORKOUT @ 1750:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run – incline @ 2.0, speed at 9.0km/h & 9.3km/h
5min Static Stretch
5min Core: 1min Jacknife, 1min Static Side Plank, 1min Plank, 1min Sit-ups with hand raises, 1min Superman, 1min Russian Twist

Have a good weekend!

Give yourself a pat on the back!

After a good rest last night and eating well for lunch I felt confident today was going to be a good run. Indeed it was and gave myself a challenge! A guy was running pass me and I told myself not to let him off more than 50m ahead of me. Took him as my pacer and I did fairly well, having more time to spare to cover a longer distance of all my sessions. I was still breathing heavily however I ran at a later time so the sun wasn’t scorching and the humidity level was lower late evening.

WORKOUT @ 1753:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run
5min Static Stretch
5min Core: 1min Jacknife, 1min Static Side Plank, 1min Plank, 1min Sit-ups with hand raises, 1min Superman, 1min Russian Twist

Great workout!

Do not despair

Today wasn’t a strong run. Good weather though. My legs couldn’t move and I’m panting heavily. I may not have eaten or hydrated myself well before the run. Skipped my core workout as i have already done them yesterday giving it a rest. Other than that today was satisfactory.

WORKOUT @ 1710:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run
5min Static Stretch

Stay focused!

Denpasar, Bali

Here I am in the land of many celebrations!


It’s the room where I stayed!

The room itself is pretty spacious. Its clean and bed is quite huge too. A variety of tv channels can be found too if you intend to stay in which I did. Mirrors everywhere for vanity. Like me! Haha!

Just behind the curtains is the balcony. It has a sliding door so be sure to keep close at night or you’ll have mosquito bites the next morning. I stayed on the third floor and the balcony next door is not that close to mine either so no worries about having burglars or thief climbing over. It’s a pretty small lounging area though and sadly the view from over the balcony where I’m staying is another wing.

Toilets are super-duper essential for me. Each time I go for a vacation I like to have a clean toilet or I can’t do any business or feel like I have a good shower. Those who know me well enough know that I am very particular about the cleanliness of the toilet. Believe me I hate to see algae or grime on the creases of tiles. Yuck! And I like the fact that they renovated it, I believe.

Plenty of amenities in the toilets and the room for your own perusal. Mind you the minibar is sealed and once broken its chargeable. Even if you wish to empty the fridge its chargeable at 35,000 Rp. Yes, they use Indonesian RUPIAH as their currency not RUPEES!

Another essential guide to note is emergency plan. It’s most commonly found in the guest directory leaflet/ booklet or the back of the door. In case of any fire or earthquake situation arises you know where the nearest exit is and won’t panicked. Especially Indonesia being a very terrorist and earthquake prone country it is good to be mentally prepared.

Most resort/hotels have this “kiblat” directional sign. It’s usually in one of the drawers or on the ceiling. Even if they don’t you can ask concierge or reception. It’s good to have it and I’m glad the resort is thoughtful towards the Muslim community. “kiblat” is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during “solat”.

I was pleasantly surprised that this little repellant was in the room. I would’ve sworn there were mosquitoes around especially not knowing whether the previous guest or housekeeping did opened the balcony for lounging or cleaning. But I slept rather well, no reports of mosquito bites!

I can’t help but notice the little details the resort took in labelling their switches! Don’t you find it annoying that you would have to turn on every switch just to switch on or switch off a particular light? Thumbs up!

Science lesson on a bottle! How cool is that?

Whats service without room service? Perfect for a bum like me BUT!

Time check? Rather late when I checked in and I’m quite beat so I shall skip supper.

It was just for a short layover reason why I stayed in with a couple of hours of rest. Nevertheless it was a pleasant rest indeed! Thank you Bali Dynasty Resort. Possibly a much needed holiday. Anytime soon?

Lets go!

Today was a very good run despite the fairly strong sun. It was pretty humid but not as bad as yesterday’s. I felt stronger today not only with the run but also the core workouts. If you put your mind to it you will definitely push yourself and do your workouts well. Still, my back knee does affect a little bit of my run. I pray it recovers soon enough.

WORKOUT @ 1610:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run
5min Static Stretch
5min Core: 1min Jacknife, 1min Static Side Plank, 1min Plank, 1min Sit-ups with hand raises, 1min Superman, 1min Russian Twist

Happy Monday!