Finally done with fleet conversion! Draggy 3 days however I had the pleasure of having the company of these gorgeous ladies.

My lovely batchgirls! It was exactly 5 years ago we embarked on a soaring journey. Few have left and few stayed. For once I’m ever so glad planning rostered us together! Caught up with the latest news and gossip and also reminisce those good old training days. How time flies when back then most of us were fresh from school and now womanhood, marriage, family planning are the current trend. Gosh I make us sound… old! Haha!

Theories, up-to-date with procedures and aircraft visit all in day’s itinerary. Boredom always consume me when my concentration is at its lowest so that happens on the second day where my 3 batchies are “full on concentration” while I well make the best of my creativity. Waking up in the morning takes a toll for us what not with the hassle of going to and fro from workplace to airport so power nap it was before the exams!

And 3 days passed just like that in a blink!

At the end of the course, we parted ways and I felt a sense of detachment. I do not know when we’ll see one another again. Yes with the power of technology and gadgets one can always keep each other close but I beg to differ. Sometimes people forget people. We can always work around our schedule to have coffee. Tough but not impossible till we give up altogether.

I wished them well and they will be missed! Somehow I am also grateful that I’m around the whole of this week. A time to recuperate and gather all my focal points.


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