Baked Garlic Wedges

It so happened today is my cheat day. No I’m not trying on any new diet but just making a conscious effort on eating heathy and in moderation. I started of my very early lunch, brunch as a matter of fact @ 1035 on a fast food. DOUBLE croissantwich turkey sausage with cold green tea AND I added a MEDIUM hashbrown to top it all off. Boy the guilt thereafter! However, a consolation came to mind that I still have the whole day to burn all that calories! Haha.

Then again I began to have a thought why not make today a cheat day where I can and want to eat all my favorite things. So I decided that from today onwards I would allow a day of cravings per week instead of scattering my cravings each day of the week. The reason being, I would know what exactly I consume and how much of what is consumed so I would not overeat. As I move on to making healthier choices I’m setting a more focused approach towards RUN2013.

Since today is cheat day I thought of sharing a healthier option of wedges. Baking your own! Yes DIY way!

Look at how crispy golden the skin and wedges turned out. Delicious isn’t it?

Baking your own can be quite a hassle I say but eating healthy is all about making an effort. Baking is definitely a thumbs up. Its one of the best alternative compared to deep-frying in terms of reducing those unhealthy fats and calories.

Garlic has many health benefits. In terms of cooking it has a distinct taste and aroma. Mix it together with potatoes how badly could it turn out (with the exception of garlic breath maybe. Haha!)?

A definite tryout! Here is a recipe where you can follow. Simple and detailed. I’m gonna bake one myself and let you guys in the know. Perhaps on my next cheat day?

SNAPSHOTS from the brilliant cook herself The Purple Foodie.


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