Pretty much a bumped out day today. I slept in till noon and waking up pretty restless and lethargic. I guess that happens when you have an excessive amount of rest. Nevertheless I tried making my day a fruitful one as best I could. Got online and read up some news. It dawned on me that my room is pretty much plain and white.

Time for some room ideas! Was browsing through some websites and many didn’t interest me. Some were to gaudy, too bright, complicated, colorful.. yuck just too much! I prefer something minimalistic. Much of the sites which I browse through are big bedrooms for HOUSES not APARTMENTS. Here where I live its pretty much apartments everywhere and a bedroom isn’t big like those you have in America. We’re a land scarce city you see. So I decided on putting something up my wall to splash my room with a color or two. Since my room has black and white floor tiles I’d like to keep my room with a simple palette to work with.

Yes, just white, black and red. A retro chic theme? Maybe.. But I shall try to see how I could mix it up with a modern touch to it.

I’ve decided to put up some photos however I’m not too sure whether its going to be picture collages. Vintage photos? Silhouettes? A couple of ideas came up and I started sourcing out for them.

A full-blown picture of myself perhaps (I’m a little narcissistic here.. Hehe..)?

What do you guys think? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

SNAPSHOTS from m{pression, curbly, Mike Metelerkamp, Red Candy.


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