Good job!

I couldn’t sleep last night and I’ve no idea why. Lasted all the way till noon and i got up to go for a run slightly later than usual. A little tired today and my quads and lower abs feels tight i guess due to the core work two days ago. Nevertheless, I’m happy to say that the back of my knee is recovering well! No changes for today except i ran the same distance as i did on Monday.

WORKOUT @ 1810:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run
5min Static Stretch
5min Core: 1min Sit-ups with hand raises, 1min Static Side Plank, 1min Russian Twist, 1min Superman, 1min V-legs raise

Reached the minimum runs for the week i aim to do another run on a Saturday and Sunday just to keep up with mileage. Possible? Till the next update!

Stay fit!


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