Supper @ Sakunthala Restaurant

Its been awhile since I meet up with bestie. She’s been pretty occupied with work of late. Yesterday, we had a quick chat up and she decided to reward herself with good food after all the hard work and not to mention not having proper meals throughout the busy week. We decided to drop by our usual dine in near Mustafa Centre since some errands needed to be done as well.

Sakunthala it is! They served an awesome variety of Indian Cuisine! Best part its Halal so we didn’t have to worry about ordering at all. If you’re a tourist and happen to drop by along Mustafa Centre, which by the way opens 24/7, in the evening or late nights do drop by and have a sumptuous dinner or supper! Besides you can also do some shopping thereafter too! Forewarn, the place is rather small so if you do intend to bring your families I suggest you make a reservation and if you do drive down, parking can be quite a hassle especially if you come by in the evening.

I odered the usual original Masala Thosai($2.60) and paired it with Tea ‘O'($0.90) while Raudah ordered Masala egg Thosai($3.20), 2 piece Tandoori Chicken($7) with homemade Ice Lemon Tea($2.20). Sounds good eh? It looks good too!

So what is Masala Thosai you ask? Thosai is a fermented pancake. Its origins are from South India and they eat them for breakfast! I dare say its pretty filling for a breakfast. There are many variations of Thosai.

  1. Ghee Thosai.
  2. Sada Thosai.
  3. Rava Thosai.
  4. Vegetable Masala Thosai.
  5. Palak Masala Thosai – pureed spinach.
  6. Paneer Masala Thosai – sauteed cottage cheese.

Paper Masala Thosai and Masala Thosai being the more popular ones here in Singapore. Thosai can be stuffed with fillings and usually its vegetables and some gravies. The Masala Thosai is made by stuffing a dosa with a lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices. The Masala Thosai I ordered comes with 3 different kinds of gravy. One is curry, two is wet chutney I think which has a little more spice in it and three a cold yoghurt or curd, not my cup of tea though. I prefer the first two gravies, didn’t even touch n
the third one. Lol. The Masala Thosai here is really good. A taste distinct than the ones found at the regular coffee shops. The Thosai wasn’t thick. The potato fillings was just nice. Good for one but if you have other side dishes then I suggest you share the portion. You have to come here and have the best of Indian food in Singapore. To top it all up its affordable for quality food!
By the time I work on my Masala Thosai I was too full to even have the Tandoori Chicken. Nevertheless I still had grab a bite of it.It had a greenish coconut mint sauce served along with it. Really fresh and well marinated! Thumbs up!

Apparently Sakunthala has 2 other branch restaurants that I did not know about – Race Course Road and Dunlop Street. All 3 restaurants opens daily at 11a.m-11p.m. At Dunlop street they actually have an extended menu for Chinese-Indian Cuisine! Thats a totally awesome fusion! It also provides catering and other services besides serving up excellent food. If you want to know more about Sakunthala, how to get there or check out the variety of dishes served you can check them out here.


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