The extre mileage

Oh my gosh! The humidity level here can make one have heat stroke or heat exhaustion!

I decided to have an afternoon run since well.. I snoozed my alarm many times in the morning. Sigh. I really am not a morning person but I know I have to be more disciplined if I want to achieve my goal. Nevertheless I told myself I have to go for a run. Now I had to suffer the heat. Lol.

WORKOUT @ 1403:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run
5min Static Stretch

I felt lazy and tired. I slept rather late last night and I’m not too sure whether it could’ve affected my run I decided to skip with my core workouts, wouldn’t want to be tired out for work later. Ran the same route and distance as I did on Wednesday. Felt good thereafter!

Hope you guys have a good Sunday!


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