Give yourself a pat on the back!

After a good rest last night and eating well for lunch I felt confident today was going to be a good run. Indeed it was and gave myself a challenge! A guy was running pass me and I told myself not to let him off more than 50m ahead of me. Took him as my pacer and I did fairly well, having more time to spare to cover a longer distance of all my sessions. I was still breathing heavily however I ran at a later time so the sun wasn’t scorching and the humidity level was lower late evening.

WORKOUT @ 1753:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run
5min Static Stretch
5min Core: 1min Jacknife, 1min Static Side Plank, 1min Plank, 1min Sit-ups with hand raises, 1min Superman, 1min Russian Twist

Great workout!


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