Hey guys! How are you all doing? Weekends are here and I am feeling great at the moment! I hope you guys are too. I finished the minimum 8 sessions of runs! Woohoo! However I’m aiming to complete all 12 sessions before moving on to doing some fartleks gradually increasing my mileage.



Currently in Frankfurt and weather is awesome! Usually its gloomy but today is bright and sunny with fresh color of green! Unfortunately, todays session was at the gym. As much as I would prefer to run outside than the treadmill I wouldn’t want to risk breathing in the flying pollen. So treadmill it is and its the usual workouts. Back of my knee is recovering well, some pains once in awhile. Getting stronger with core workouts but still needs more focus on the running posture and breathing.

WORKOUT @ 1750:
5min Dynamic Warm Up
30min Easy Run – incline @ 2.0, speed at 9.0km/h & 9.3km/h
5min Static Stretch
5min Core: 1min Jacknife, 1min Static Side Plank, 1min Plank, 1min Sit-ups with hand raises, 1min Superman, 1min Russian Twist

Have a good weekend!


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