Hi, I’m Sha. An ordinary, driven young lady who prefers to live by simplicity of life. Living in sunny side Singapore!

Loves anything DIY and unique crafts. Lets me see beautiful colors and art in different imaginative ways. An eye for anything pretty and lovely.

Has a sweet tooth for dessert and pastries. Prefers noodles and pastas as a staple. Eating healthy and in moderation in check!

Trying to get her room fixed. Inspire me with ideas!

Keeping memories dear, I try my best to keep up with technology and gadgets to have the best pictures for keepsake.

Globe trotting is my nine-to-five.

Wedding inspirations come and goes. A small portfolio for me to have and accumulate to upkeep myself with latest trends and expenses needed! They are getting more expensive and complicated!

Hobbies a plenty but my main aspiration for now is RUN2013. A certain goal I aim to achieve. The main reason as to why I started writing again. Running keeps me disciplined and dedicated, eating healthy keeps me focused and health in check.

Track and field running is my passion. The event I love is 400m. With a P.B. of 62.13. I stopped doing track events and competing for a long while now. I still do try to run regularly when time permits or that I’m not giving excuses to exercise. Part of the reason I left the scene is because I felt bitter that I do not have a proper guidance and the failure to compete against myself. At that time when i was getting serious the sport here was neither gaining much public appearances and/or acknowledgement nor the proper relevant support from the association. That hampered me and to top it all up I did not have a proper mentor. Recently, I started competing again. Each year the company where I work at organizes a meet and being a former athlete myself I decided to participate all in the name of fun and passion. Little did I know I still have the desire to want more out of pure fun. I wanted to compete. I have done my fair share of the sprints and middle distances but many have said that I should have a go at the 800m. The only event which I have never tried nor run in those times that I have been running.

My current aim is to run the event.

I may not be the best at giving advice or tips for track events, fitness or health but I do believe in keeping abreast with relevant knowledge needed to keep up with my goal. So I have started training and it’s back to basics! Join me as I discover my journey towards RUN2013!

Nevertheless running is not everything that defines me as I do love all kinds of sport, fitness exercises and other hobbies too!

With that, keep up in staying healthy and eating well. Love what you do! That will help you achieve your desired goal in life!



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